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By providing a broad range of services, from collection to translation to exploitation and reporting, SCDIT delivers full-service language and intelligence solutions to our clients. Our linguists and analysts are skilled professionals with expertise in various topic areas, disciplines and sources. Our translators are adept at preserving fine shades of meaning for exact understanding by the intended audience while our analysts convey this information in precise reports. Our focus is to ensure that information is translated and reported accurately, taking into consideration those cultural and country-specific fundamentals. SCDIT assures quality work, on-time delivery and professional, confidential handling of critical information.

Capabilities Overview

  • Translation and Interpretation of multi-media sources
  • Collection and Analysis
  • Quality Control
  • Error-free transcriptions
  • CONUS and OCONUS Services
  • Security Clearance

Our Translators are:

  • Skilled professionals with advanced education in a wide array of fields.
  • Native fluency in the target language, expertise in the subject matter and years of professioinal experience.
  • Adept at convey fine shades of meaning for exact understanding by the intended audience.
  • Exceptional writing skills, cultural understanding, technical expertise and common sense, as well as pride in their work.

Our Analysts provide:

  • Objective evaluation of complex issues.
  • Trineding, managing all-source data and reporting on specialized intelligence.
  • Indentification of gaps and assessments of vulnerabilities.
  • Training

Languages Supported

  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Arabic (MSA & 22 dialects)
  • Armenian
  • Assyrian Aramaic
  • Dari
  • Hindi
  • Pashto
  • Persian Farsi
  • Punjabi
  • Urdu
  • Many others including North African Languages